Our offer

The program in its current version is compatible to work with any camera and monitor. The software automatically adjusts the size and resolution of the images to the screen and camera capabilities. Resolution and image size transmitted by the camera can be independently selected from their own modes supported by the connected camera. Full HD touch screen and good quality camera with HD mode is recommended for this sofware with resolution (1920 × 1080).

The composition of complete OKEYE set includes:

  • computer


    • Screen: 23.6 "Full HD 1920x1080 pixels, glare, Multi-Touch
    • Processor: Intel ® Core ™ Dual Processor i3 i3-2310M
    • Installed Memory: 4096 MB
    • Drive: 1,000 GB SATA II
    • dimensions [G x W x H] mm: 72 x 617x 462
    • weight: 17 kg
    • Operating System: MS Windows 7 Home Premium
  • high quality Full HD camcorder
  • OKEYE Software

To run the program you need to install a webcam.

There is an option to purchase only OKEYE software.
To do that you need to download and install demo software. On the main screen just click "Purchase software" and then fill out and approve the order. Order must be made ​​from the computer on which you will use the software. Computer ID is transmited to us during placing an order and the license is granted only to use on this computer.

Price: €77.34, $99